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Donation Information

Post  Maxed on Wed Oct 10, 2012 9:38 pm

Hello All,

As for the time being, we will only accept donations through Runescape gold.

Current Prices

-Donator - $5/10m RSGP

-Super Donator - $15/30m RSGP

-Extreme Donator - $50/100m RSGP

-Dclaws - $5/10m rsgp

-Ags - $10/20m rsgp

-Bgs - $5/10m rsgp

-Sgs - $5/10m rsgp

-Zgs - $5/10m rsgp

-Gs set - $25/50m rsgp

-phat (any color)- $15/30m rsgp

-phat set- $90/180m rsgp

-hween (any color)- $10/20m rsgp

-hween set- $30/60m rsgp

-santa-$5/10m rsgp

-full statius/vesta/zuriels/or morrigans/- $10 a set/20m rsgp a set


Thanks for your support.

More information of the paypal donation process to come,

Thank You,

Maxed AKA Devon


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