Maxed Rules - Read

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Maxed Rules - Read

Post  Maxed on Wed Oct 10, 2012 9:34 pm

Game Size
Do not bug abuse.
Do not advertise other servers.
Do not trade Maxed accounts in any form or way.
Do not trade Maxed items for non Maxed items.
Do not scam items from other players.
Do not disrespect or impersonate staff members.
Do not hack other players.
More game rules to come just follow these rules for now, thanks.

Forum Rules
Do not advertise content not associated with NewReality.
Do not flame or disrespect staff members.
Do not ignore stickies or appeal rules.
Do not use inappropriate or irritating signature pictures/text.
Do not spam(includes posts and topics).
Do not flame outside of the flame wars section.
Do not rant outside the rants section.
Do not be racist.
Do not bump your post more often than once every 12hours.
Do not Grave dig posts (posting on old topics that have been dead for at least 3 days)

More forum rules to come just follow these rules for now, thanks.

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